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Giovanni Ribisi is an American actor. He was born in Los Angeles, California. His family background is also related to the entertainment industry as both his parents have careers related to this field.

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Giovanni Ribisi’s birthday is on 17th December, and he was born in the year of 1974. His nicknames are Vanni, and some people even call him Vonni.


As we have mentioned, Giovanni Ribisi’s family is related to the entertainment industry. His mother’s name is Gay Ribisi. She works as a talent manager for actors as well as writers. His father’s name is Albert Anthony Ribisi. He is a musician by profession.


Giovanni Ribisi has a twin sister. Her name is Marissa Ribisi. She is also is an actress. He has one other sister whose name is Gina. He is also having a brother-in-law named Beck.


Giovanni Ribisi was married to the actress Mariah O’Brien in 1997 and divorced in 2001. From her, they have a beautiful daughter. The second time, he was married to Agyness Deyn in 2012, and again got divorced in 2015.


Giovanni Ribisi has one and only child – a daughter from his first wife. Her name is Lucia, who was born in December 1997. Her name is in the memory of the doomed heroine in the Donizetti Opera.


When he was young, his family had a pet dachshund named Low-Rider.

Height & Weight

Giovanni Ribisi’s height is 1.71 meters (i.e. 170 cm), and his weight is 65 kilo.

TV shows

Giovanni Ribisi became famous after his role in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. His role and acting as Phoebe’s half-brother Frank Jr. was appreciated by many people and that was one of his best milestones. He worked in some other TV shows like Sneaky Pete (2017), Dads (2014), Memphis Beat (2010), The X-Files (1995), Ellen (1994), Avatar (TV Show), Flight Of The Phoenix, etc.


He has proved his talent by acting in some great films like; A Million Ways To Die, In The West (2014), Selma (2014), Contraband (2012), Ted (2012), The Rum Diary (2011), Avatar (2009), The Postman (1997), That Thing You Do! (1996), Mind Ripper (1995), etc.


Giovanni Ribisi was in the relationship with Cat Power (Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall – American singer and song writer, a musician and part-time actress and model. Ribisi dumped her and broke the news of his marriage to Agyness Deyn in 2012. Ribisi and Cat power was in the relationship for about 3 years, so this news had created many controversies at that time.

By concluding this article; here are some other out-of-the-box facts about the actor:

Giovanni Ribisi – Facts:

  • His birth name is Antonino Giovanni Ribisi.
  • His paternal grandfather was of Italian Origin. So he is of Italian, English, and German descent.
  • His mother helped him to launch his career.
  • His Ethnicity is White.
  • His estimated Net Worth is 34 million dollar.
  • As per him, he is a true believer of Scientology.
  • His hair color is light brown.
  • His eye color is also light brown.
  • Giovanni Ribisi smokes regularly.
  • He does not have any tattoos on his body.
  • When he was young, he once participated in a family game show I’m Telling! In 1987 with her twin sister Marissa Ribisi.
  • He studied acting at Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas.
  • He also did voice roles in three video games – Call of Duty, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game and Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.


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